Strategies for Scaling Software Development

Customer Success Stories and ODC Coexistence

October 16, 2024 2:30 PM

Hall 11

Software industry data shows that Scaling software development has many challenges because complexity tends to increase, we start facing communication overhead, many dependencies to manage, governance become harder to ensure, and others.
An effective strategy to scale development includes several capabilities, acting together in an orchestrated way to reduce friction caused by these challenges.
Setting up a Center of Excellence is a fundamental step to cope with these challenges and harness the full potential of the teams!
In this talk we will pair the basics of setting up a CoE with a real and enterprise scenario - from people, processes and tooling point of views.
You will learn about the typical CoE team structures, roles and responsibilities; the typical sequence of capabilities adopted to be prepared for scale; and about tooling that can help on the day to day of a software factory.

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