CEO Keynote

Discover the groundbreaking impact of generative AI on software development with OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado. Learn how the fusion of low-code and generative AI is revolutionizing application delivery, and see how low-code is set to govern AI integration within enterprises. Be among the first to witness the latest AI innovations from OutSystems, set to redefine the industry landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of technology.

Product Keynote

See the latest updates from the OutSystems platform in this informative session with our CPTO and product leaders. We’ll share the latest updates on AI, migration path, data integrations, and much more.

Community Keynote

From the inspiring community keynote to the heartfelt closing session, this is an immersive journey into the OutSystems community. Join OutSystems VP of Developers, Miguel Baltazar, and the Developer Relations team as they highlight community achievements, social impact stories, and celebrate our superusers with the Neo Awards and Build for the Future Hackathon Awards. Don't miss the exciting news and future opportunities shared in the closing session!

Business Keynote

Hear the successful story of a strategic transformation story of an OutSystems customer. Learn how they used OutSystems to achieve groundbreaking business impact and accelerate innovation, and get inspired to start building the software that matters most.

Technical Sessions

Product Sessions

Stay updated with the latest developments in our product! In this track, you'll discover the latest features and gain insights into our future direction. Join us to understand what’s coming next and how it will benefit you.


Continuous Delivery with ODC

Learn more about the new delivery methodology for ODC, from the funtional, technical and quality standpoints.

Customer Success Stories and ODC Coexistence

Our customers will join us on the stage to tell you all about their own success stories with OutSystems - event-driven architectures, strategies for scalling software development and domain driven design with micro-frontends. Additionally, OutSystems Experts will deliver a talk on ODC Coexistence, sharing a few O11 architecture ground rules to ease migration from O11 to ODC.

Capabilities & Practices by OutSystems Experts

Join the OutSystems Experts to deep-dive in insightful topics, such as event-driven architecture with ODC and AI enhancements to build better and faster applications.  Stay around after lunch to hear more about implementing air-gap deployments with OSP files and how log streaming can help you elevate your apps monitoring and observability


Raise your Front-End game

This is the track about Front-End. From the look to the javascript, come and spruce up your Front-End skills

Performance Check

You have your app working but can it be better? Can it be faster? Is it compling with best practices? This track will focus on performance and best practices of your application.

OutSystems in the Wild

Come and see what people are using it for. Features, technicques, experiences and suggestions.

Playing well with Others

This track is all about Integrations. What you can leverage to power your OutSystems solution, or how you can use other technologies. A track beyond OutSystems.

Get on Board the ODC Train

In this track we will learn more about ODC. Already implemented solutions. How to prepare your team for ODC. Learnings,tips and more!

Delve into Artificial Intelligence

Discover the latest in AI, including current applications, integrations with GenAI, and future trends. Get your prompt engineering on!

Business Sessions

Customer Panels

Join these panel sessions with OutSystems customers to learn about their transformation journey and the impact they're making using the OutSystems platform. The sessions will cover some of the most pressing topics like strategic transformation, legacy modernization, agile culture, and GenAI adoption. Hear from leaders, like you, who are changing the dynamics between the business and IT to create competitive advantage.

Executive Talks

Hear directly from OutSystems leadership and experts in the field as they discuss topics that are top-of-mind for OutSystems customers and IT leaders. That includes topics like how to drive operational efficiency and rapid growth through GenAI, and what to expect from the future of the OutSystems platform.

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